About Department

Information About Head Of the Department

# Name of Faculty: Dr. M. R. Bongulwar
Designation: Associate Professor, Head of Department
E-mail ID:
Contact No: 02133-230531

Instrumentation and Control Department is equipped with adequate laboratories such as Electronics Laboratory, Control Systems Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Process Control Laboratory, Sensors Laboratory and Digital Laboratory. Department possess a seminar hall, tutorial room, departmental library along with two class rooms having LCD projectors.
The Faculty members of the department are well qualified, sincere and hardworking. Technical Laboratory Assistants are also well qualified and technically sound to handle all laboratory activities.
The students admitted in the department are meritorious and comes from all over Maharashtra. They are enthusiastic, sincere and curious to learn new technology. Students take active participation in the extracurricular activities like sports and cultural programmes. They also show their technical capabilities by participating in technical paper presentation events, project competitions, etc.