Girls Hostel

Government College of Engineering and Research, Avasari Khurd has one girls hostel in college campus near to Principal quarter having 230 students capacity for all four year .The area of hostel is 3200 sq. meter and having  4 floors, 48 rooms, 4 computer hall, 3 recreation hall, waiting area on each floor and lots of space for study. Girls hostel has very airy and healthy environment. Ragging is prohibited in girls hostel.

Admission Process: -
The hostel admissions are purely on merit basis and according to the reservation rules by Government of Maharashtra and availability of seats in hostel. The admission fees for one year per student is Rs. 550/- (Government Fee) and Rs. 600/- (Non Government Fee) excluding the mess charges.

Details about Seat Availability: -
First Year Girls Hostel Admission (2018-19)
Second Year Girls Hostel Admission (2018-19)
Direct Second Year Girls Hostel Admission (2018-19)
Third Year Girls Hostel Admission (2018-19)
Final Year Girls Hostel Admission (2018-19)

Hostel Facilities: -
  • Mess: -
    Mess is available and compulsory for all students staying in college hostel.
  • Gymnasium: -
    A well equipped gym is available for all girls with Power Bike, Personal Home Gym, Multifunctional Trade Mill, Dumbbells, Weight Lifting Set, Aerobic s Kit, Power Steps, Yoga Mats etc. The total cost of all equipments in gym is Rs. 1,78,915/-
    TV: -
    One LCD TV is available for all girls in common room with DTH connection.
  • Furniture: -

    4 students stay in each room. For every student 1 cot, 1 chair, 1 table, and a wall mounted cupboard is available in room.

  • Newspaper: -
    Newspapers like Lokamat, Sakal, Indian Express, Times of India are provided to upgrade the current knowledge.
  • Security: -
    24*7 hrs security is available.
  • Maintenance: -
    Maintenance of hostel premises is monitored by student committee.

Girls hostel,
Smt. Y. N. Chaudhari,
Govt. College of Engg. & Research, Awasari Khurd.