Gymkhana plays pivotal role in overall development of students. It gives platform to showcase their sports and cultural talents. Gymkhana activities help to improve skills like dedication, involvement, balance and leadership. GCOEARA’s gymkhana department is equipped with state of the art sports equipment. Students of all departments take active participation in various activities conducted through Gymkhana. Gymkhana organizes following events every year.

  1. Street play competition on the occasion of Independence day (15th august)
  2. Marathon on the occasion of National sports day (29th August)
  3. Blood donation camp on the occasion of Engineering’s Day ( 15th Sept)
  4. Combat: Interdepartmental sport event
  5. Resonance: Cultural event

Our students also participate in sports events organized by Savitribai Phuley Pune University, ZEST (College of Engineering, Pune), Summit (MIT, Pune) etc. Students have shown great merit by participating in cultural events like MoodIndigo(IIT Bombay), Bhimshankar Karandak (Ambegaon), Firodia Karandak (Pune), Bharat Karandak (Pune), Shrujan (Baramati),Jalmaitry-street play competition at CoE, Pune.

Combat: “No compromise, only fight”
Annual sports event in GCOEARA is named as COMBAT. It’s an Intra-college sport event where various sports events are organized. Students of all departments compete with each other to secure General Trophy.  General Trophy is awarded to the branch scoring maximum points in point table which is prepared by assigning predefined points to winners and runners-up of various sports events. To encourage healthy competition among students we have started Fair Play Awards Trophy where points are rewarded by umpires and referee as per predefined guidelines. Sports included in COMBAT are as follows:

  1. Cricket
  2. Box Cricket
  3. Kho-Kho
  4. Kabaddi
  5. Volleyball
  6. Badminton
  7. Carom
  8. Table Tennis
  9. Five passes

Annual cultural event in GCOEARA is named as RESONANCE. Students showcase their acting, anchoring, dancing, singing talent through two days cultural event. Following events are organized in a span of two days as a part of RESONANCE.

  1. Dance (solo and group)
  2. Drama
  3. Singing (solo and group)
  4. Branch theme

Student Council:
Every year student council is formed as per Savitribai Phule Pune University’s norms.
Student council members for the academic year 2014-15 are as follows:

Previous Year's Student Councils
Student Council 2015-16
President Prof. S.V. Joshi
Faculty nominated by Principal Shri. D. J. Pereira
Name of Student Post Class Branch
Mapari Pralhad Nivaritti GS TE Mechanical
Chede Abhishek Shivaji SS SE Civil
Patil Arjun D CS BE Automobile
Smt. Mane Shalaka S. LR TE Intru. & Control.
Smt. Shivarkar Sweta M LR TE Electronics & Tele.
Ashtikar Shivam Rajesh CR FE Computer
Singh Rohit Kumar CR SE
Patil Amit Sadashiv CR TE
Smt. Mahajan Megha Sahebrao CR BE
Lokhande Deepak Ashok CR FE Mechanical
Suryavanshi Hrushikesh Mahadev CR SE
Mapari Pralhad Nivaritti CR TE
Pamnand Meghraj Vijay CR BE
Kulkarni Koustubh Satish CR FE Intru. & Control.
Ms Pokale Pooja Ramrao CR SE
Walkikar Rameshwar Nivaritti CR TE
Smt. Dolas Eshani Ramesh CR BE
Bedre Mayur Mohan CR FE Civil
Chede Abhishek Shivaji CR SE
Khan Mohammed Salim CR TE
Ansari Abdullha Mohin CR BE
Vaidya Hemant Ajay CR FE Automobile
Shivaji Ashok Aru CR SE
Chaudhari Rakesh Shantaram CR TE
Patil Satyajeet Vijay CR BE
Ms Bhujbale Rutuja Vishnu CR FE Electronics & Tele.
Zunjkar Vipul Nagesh CR SE
Ms Shinde Madhura Dattaratray CR TE
Ms Shinde Shradha Ravindra CR BE