Name of Faculty Designation Official Email Address
Dr. Avinansh Pant Principal avinash.pant24@gov.in
Dr. Shashikant Ghumbre Professor, Computer Engineering shashi.ghumbre34@gov.in
Dr. Pradeep Deshmukh Associate Professor, Computer Engineering pradeep.deshmukh28@gov.in
Shri. Danny Pereira Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering danny.pereira40@gov.in
Smt. Pratiksha Deshmukh Assistant Professor, Computer Engineering pratiksha.deshmukh43@gov.in
Dr. Dilip Pangavhane Professor,, Automobile Engineering dilip.pangavhane25@gov.in
Dr. Machhindra Pable Associate Professor, Automobile Engineering machhindra.pable30@gov.in
Shri. Ravi Kakde Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering ravi.kakde43@gov.in
Shri. Arvind Bhosale Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering arvind.bhosale47@gov.in
Shri. Sanjay Patil Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering sanjay.patil47@gov.in
Shri. Kiran Bansode Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering kiran.bansode42@gov.in
Shri. Dheeraj Lengare Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering dheeraj.lengare48@gov.in
Shri. Vijay Dhepe Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering vijay.dhepe40@gov.in
Smt. Prajakta Pimpalkar Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering prajakta.pimpalkar49@gov.in
Shri. Rashtrapal Teltumade Assistant Professor, Automobile Engineering r.teltumade41@gov.in
Dr. Shrinivas Valunjkar Professor (CAS), Civil Engineering shrinivas.valunjkar2@gov.in
Dr. Wasudeo Deulkar Associate Professor, Civil Engineering wasudeo.deulkar30@gov.in
Dr. Swapnil Kharmale Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering swapnil.kharmale40@gov.in
Dr. Manoj Nagmode Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication manoj.nagmode34@gov.in
Dr. Kirti Thakur Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication kirti.thakur39@gov.in
Shri. Ganesh Phulay Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication ganesh.phulay39@gov.in
Dr. Nitin Futane Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication nitin.futane28@gov.in
Shri. Ambadas Mane Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering ambadas.mane35@gov.in
Shri. Appasaheb Gargade Assistant Professor, Electronics and Telecommunication appasaheb.gargade44@gov.in
Shri. Tushar Waghmare Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering tushar.waghmare36@gov.in
Dr. Milind Bongulwar Associate Professor, Instrumentation and Control milind.bongulwar26@gov.in
Shri. Kishorkumar Kowdiki Associate Professor (CAS), Instrumentation and Control kkumar.kowdiki@gov.in
Shri. Nagappa Karajanagi Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control nagappa.karajanagi30@gov.in
Smt. Nivedita Wagh Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control nivedita.wagh44@gov.in
Smt. Deepmala Trimukhe Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control deepmala.trimukhe44@gov.in
Smt. Ashwini Kulkarni Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control ashwini.kulkarni40@gov.in
Smt. Nikhila Patil Assistant Professor, Instrumentation and Control nikhila.patil50@gov.in
Prof. Shridhar Joshi Professor, Mechanical Engineeing shridhar.joshi23@gov.in
Dr. Sadanand Deshpande Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering sadanand.deshpande28@gov.in
Dr. Shyam Sonawane Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering shyam.sonawane36@gov.in
Dr. Sharad Kshirsagar Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering sharad.kshirsagar38@gov.in
Dr. Ravi Warkhedkar Associate Professor (CAS), Mechanical Engineering ravi.warkhedkar23@gov.in
Dr. Suhas Karmare Associate Professor (CAS), Mechanical Engineering suhas.karmare25@gov.in
Shri. Sunil Kewate Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering sunil.kewate33@gov.in
Shri. Bhagatsingh Patil Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering bhagatsingh.patil35@gov.in
Shri. Jos Arackal Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering jos.arackal40@gov.in
Shri. Abhijit Kousal Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering abhijit.kousal35@gov.in
Shri. Niranjan Padawale Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering niranjan.padawale@gov.in
Shri. Gajanan Datar Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering gajanan.datar45@gov.in
Dr. Uttam Kakade Associate Professor (CAS), Physics uttam.kakade28@gov.in
Smt. Harshita Rakshe Assistant Professor, Mathematics harshita.rakshe36@gov.in
Smt. Yogita Chaudhari Assistant Professor,Physics yogita.chaudhari42@gov.inSmt.
Pratima Damre Assistant Professor, Chemistry pratima.damre46@gov.in
Shri. Mangesh Panchal Assistant Professor, English mangesh.panchal46@gov.in
Shri. Vishal Jadhav Assistant Professor, Chemistry vishal.jadhav46@gov.in