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One Week STTP on Developing Basic Competencies in Laboratory and Office Management for Supporting Staff.

In technical education sector teachers, supporting staff and equipments play an important role. Supporting staff is the backbone of organization. Men, Material, Machine & Money (4M's) are traditionally known resources. Over a period of time the 5th M i.e. Methods got included in the list of basic resources. On one side, we always look for resources and talk about resource crunch.

On other side knowingly or unknowingly lot of wastage of resources takes place. Resources are to be optimally utilized and that applies to human resources as well. Engineering colleges/ Polytechnics are undergoing tremendous changes in the state of Maharashtra. On one hand there is pressure on the institutions to perform better and take steps so that maximum employment of quality pass outs is assured. At the same time, there is need to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in using institutional resources to make the activities cost effective.

There is also pressure on the institutions to become autonomous and self sustained in their activities. All the supporting staff is the key persons who manage whole gamut of business of technical institutions. They carry out variety of roles and responsibilities in academics as well in administration.Therefore, there is need to sharpen the basic competency skills like resources management, decision making and laboratory planning.

Keeping these views in mind Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai has organized One Week STTP on Developing Basic Competencies in Laboratory and Office Management for supporting staff during 15th– 19th Dec. 2015, at Government College of Engineering & Research, Awasari (Kh).