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Expert lecture on ‘Burning Desire’ delivered by Mr. Sandeep Badve, Location Head-HR, Tata Consulting Engineers, Pune on 22-02-2018.

      Training and Placement Cell had arranged Expert lecture for B.E.(Mechanical, Automobile, Civil) students on ‘Burning Desire’ from 11.15 -2.15. This expert talk was related to ability of an individual and role of sub-conscious mind in development of personality. Expert speaker Mr. Sandeep Badve expressed his views and made the session highly informative and inspirative. Following topics were discussed during the talk. 
1. Learn-Unlearn-Relearn
2. Dream it, Dream BIG
3. See it; visualize it, Conscious mind Vs Sub-conscious mind
4. Believe it
5. Plan it
6. Work it
Total number of beneficiaries, B.E.(Mechanical, Automobile, Civil) = 119 students.