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Abinitio-2015Engineering is not only about the concepts in books but it is about the application and implementation of the knowledge gained through studies into the practical real world. Government College of Engineering & Research, Awasari, provides a platform to the students to implement their knowledge and nurture their talents in the form of ABINITIO, the technical event of the college.

ABINITIO is an intercollegiate event which invites students not only from the university but outside also, and provides a competitive platform for the students to perform with zeal & zest. ABINITIO was first time conducted in the year 2011,in a small scale but since then it has never seen a turn back. It has developed with time, and hard efforts of the college authority and the students. Each year the number of college and the number of participants has increased and hence the level of the competition. It has been in continuation since then and has become a popular & awaited event among the colleges. With a new batch of students conducting the event each year , their has been a flow of innovative ideas raising the level of the event.

This year ABINITIO – 2015 was conducted under the guidance& support of Principal Prof. S.V.Joshi & Faculty In- Charge Prof. B.A.Patil , the respective head of the department, the whole teaching & non teaching staff  with great enthusiasm and highly professional management. The event was conducted with a grand opening by Principal Prof. S.V. Joshi in the presence of all the head of the Departments, teaching staff & the mass of students. The management team consisting of the Student Council, Core Committee ,Management Committee took all the steps they could to make the event grand & successful. It had been a two day event on March 23rd and 24th  which saw a total of more than 1700 participants in all the 23 events. The decoration committee, the hospitality team, the publicity department & others left no stone unturned to conduct the whole event in a smooth manner.
There were events relating all the six departments which included skill demanding competitive part like ROBOSOCCER, BLINDBOT, CONTRAPTION, CODEWAR, BRIDGE IT, AUTOMOBILE MODELLING as well as events requiring high presentation skills, smartness and talent like PAPTRIX(paper presentation) & Project Presentation. It also had events which were meant for fun & enjoyment to make the technical event more memorable & attract high participation like LAN GAMES, SUDOKU, QUIZ, FUN GAMES.
Various new events were included into the chart like The ROBOWAR, an event where the participants are expected to make robots which can fight against the opponent’s robot. This had been an eye catching event which attracted the students of the college as well as the visitors.

For the prize distribution ceremony, there was Shri. B.N. Chaudhari from COEP as the Chief Guest. Him sharing his experiences with the students added starts to the event. There were prizes of worth 1 lac. The General Trophy which is given to the college winning most number of prizes excluding the organizing college went to Jaihind College of Engineering, Kuran, this year.

ABINITIO is an event which flourishes both technical and managerial skills of the students. With the level it has reach in so less time, it is expected to touch skies in near future & be an eminent part of the identity of the college.