Class Expert lecture on Subject Date Name of Expert Total nos. of beneficiaries
TE Expert lecture on ‘Innovation for Technical & Business Management using Theory of Innovative Problem Solving (TRIZ)’ 29-01-2018 Mr. Santosh Khadasare 70
TE & BE Expert lecture on ‘How to prepapre effective Power Ponit Presentations? Introduction to lateral thinking’ 21-08-2017 Prof. S.R.Kerkal 93
TE & BE Expert lecture on "Understanding Automobile Homologation & COP Mandatory Regulations in India, Automobile Industry expectations from fresh graduates". 05-08-2017 Mr. Nachiket P. Deshpande 89

Expert lecture on ‘Overview of Joining Processes-Welding, Sharing Industrial Experience’.

30-07-2017 Mr. Milind Yewale 71
TE & BE “Industry functional ways, Overall experience and knowledge sharing, Ways to face Group Discussion and personal Interviews, Career Guidance” 29-07-2017 Mr. Ranjeet D. Bhelke 123
FE “Introduction to Applied Thermal Engineering and its applications, Role & Responsibilities of Project Engineer” 25-03-2017 Mr. Amol Malunjakar 154
SE, TE & BE “Challenges and Opportunities for students” 15-02-2017 Vedant Chaitanya Das 110
TE Industrial Visit arranged to Quality Engineering Co. Fursungi, Pune, 27-01-2017 Quality Engineering Co. Fursungi, Pune 50
TE Design & Development of Accident Prevention System, How to preserve, nurture & develop ‘ideas’ into projects? Sharing Industrial Experience” 30-01-2017 Mr. Arun Bandi 57
TE Industrial Visit to “Symposium on International automotive Technology” 20/01/2017 A.R.A.I.Pune 70
TE(Mech&Auto) Experience and Knowledge sharing by Dr. Mantha 31/1/2017 Dr. S. S. Mantha 60
B.E. CAD/CAM  Automation 05/9/2015- 11/9/2015 Shri. Pratik Satav, Satav CAD Solution, Pune 92
B.E. Vibration Analysis 08/9/2015 Shri. Loganathan D, Monitoring Tech.,
SE Soft skill Development 31/8/2015-04/9/2015 Shri. Subodh Deshmukh, Subodh Associates, Hyderabad 300
SE,TE & B.E. Career Guidance 06/3/2014 Prof. Navale Vijay 200
TE Turbo Machine 29/3/2014 Shri. Mangesh  Harne 80
SE Strength of Material 29/3/2014 Shri. Swapnil Thorat 76
B.E. CNC Practical (CAD/CAM) 07/9/2013 Prof. N.R. Rajhans, COE Pune 75
B.E. Industrial Robot (CAD/CAM) 07/9/2013 Prof. N.R. Rajhans, COE Pune 75
B.E. Automation Studio Software 26/8/2013-28/8/2013 Shri. Sunil Chaure, India Soft Technologies, Pune 76
B.E. Computational Fluid Dynamics 24/3/2013 Prof. C.M Sevatkar, COE Pune 66
B.E. Computational Fluid Dynamics 11/3/2013 Prof. C.M Sevatkar, COE Pune 66
B.E. Computational Fluid Dynamics 06/3/2013-08/3/2013 Prof. C.M Sevatkar, COE Pune 66
B.E. Reliability Engg 22/2/2013 Shri. A.  Chavhan 66
B.E. Computational Fluid Dynamics 07/2/2013 Prof.C.M Sevatkar, COE Pune 66
SE,TE & B.E. Gate Preparation 26/10/12 Prof.S.S. Kalantri 200
B.E. Industrial Fluid Power 6/10/2012 Shri. Amrutraj
SAP Engg. Pune
STE & B.E. Interview Techniques- IN’s & OUT’s 15/9/2012 Dr. M.P. Khond, COE Pune 168
SE Geometric Modelling 30/1/2012 Tech Lab, Pune 80
SE Strength of Machine Elements  23/2/2011 Prof. P.V. Mandke 77