Student's Orgnisation
  1. IETE students Forum:
    It was started in the department in 2011. Shri. A. P. Gargade is IETE co-ordinator
    IETE students Forum Activities:
    • Personality development programmes, group discussions, workshops
    • Expert Sessions, Seminars
    • Workshop on Project Development
    • Organized Seminar on “Sand to Ic” by Dr.N.P.Futane
    •  Department has also started “HAM RADIO” club.
  2. e-TESA:
  3. Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Students Association: (e-TESA) was started in the department on 5/09/2015 headed by Faculty In-charge Shri. T. T. Waghmare. The council consists of all class representatives from F.E. to B.E. as well as e-TESA representatives and other selected members. In addition different committees are formed such as Technical, Training & Placement, Library, Notice board and Sports committee. The various council members of e-TESA are as follows:

Post Class Name of student
President BE Utkarsh Ashok Kothimbire
Vice President BE Shraddha Ravindra Shinde
General Secretary SE Prashant Kisan Divate
Joint Secretary SE Vipul Nagesh Zunjkar
Treasurer TE Shreyash Shreeram Padmavar
Co-Treasurer TE Ajay Nandkumar Hase
P. R. O TE Chirag Macchindra Chandgude
Girl’s Representative TE
1.Pooja Parashram Redekar
2. Mrunal Pradip Mandlik
Cultural Secretary SE Vaishnavi Pramod Kapare
Sport Secretary SE Meeghraj Subhashrao Nikumbhe

 e-TESA Activities :
Students  have been conducting various activities under e-TESA

  1. Annual get-together.
  2. GATE Mock Test series.
  3. Aptitude Test Competition.
  4. Group Discussion.
  5. Technical Writing. 
  6. Mini & Mega Project Competition.
  7. PCB Workshop.
  8. Audio-Video aids for developing technical and personal skills.
  9. Personality Development
  10. Electronic Communication Activities (HAMING)
  11. Cleanliness Campaign