Staff Achievements:
  1. Smt. K. V. Thakur has registered for Ph.D. at College of Engineering Pune.
  2. Shri. A. S.Mane  has registered for P.hD in Sant Gadgebaba Amaravati University
Students Achievements:  
  1. Ten Students of SE E&TC participated in ABU ROBOCON Competition -2015 Held at MIT Pune
  2. In addition to the academic achievements, the students have been demonstrating skills in various extracurricular activities including paper Presentations, sports, etc.
  3. Winner of General Championship Trophy in college level sport activities in A.Y. 2012-13.
  4. Achieved second prize in “Abhiyanta Darpan”.
  5. Project: Students of BE ( E & TC )2014-15,Chavan Amol, Harke Ashok, Chavan Nitin have made a project on “Underground Wire Fault Detector ” which is very useful for society.  

Departmental Sports Achievements:
Students of the Department participated in different sport Activities as follows.

Sports Activities 2013-14:
Annual social Gathering 2013- 2014 “COMBAT 2014” Sport Performance

Name of Event Team Position
Kho-Kho (Departmental Team) Boys Winner
Girls Runner-up
Cricket (BE E&TC Team ) Boys Runner-up
Box Cricket (BE E&TC Team ) Girls Winner
Badminton FE Girls Winner
Fair Play award -- Runner-up
General Trophy -- Runner-up
Sports Activities 2014-15 :
Annual social Gathering 2014 -2015 “COMBAT 2015” Sport Performance and also event at COEP and VIT, Pune
Name of Event, Participated student Team Position
Football (Captan Ganesh Matale) Boys Runner-up
Kho-Kho (Captan Vishal Pawar) Boys Winner
ZEST 15 Event at COEP
Vishal Pawar, Shubham Kashid
Srujan Kinjwadekar, Ganesh Matale
Boys Runner-up
VIT Event (Captan Vishal Pawar) (kho-kho) Boys Winner