Workshops/ Expert Lectures/ Seminars arranged

Date Details of Program Name of Expert Faculty Designation & Address of Expert Nos. of beneficiaries
15th  – 16th  July 2011 Hardware Laboratory Shri. Amar More Asst. Professor, MIT, Alandi 80
17th  – 18th  Feb 2012 Microprocessor & Interfacing Techniques Shri.  Amar More Asst. Professor, MIT, Alandi 80
8th  Sept 2012   LaTeX Dr. Futane N.P.
Dr. Kharmale S.B.
Smt. Wagh N P.
Shri.  Pereira D. J.
Asst. Professor,
Government College of Engg & Research, Awasari
12th  Oct 2012 BE Project Dos and Donts Dr. Shirish Sane Head of Computer Dept.
K.K. Wagh College of Engg, Nashik
13th  Feb 2013 Self-expression and Leadership Shri. U. V. Kokate Head of Computer Dept.
Govt. Polytechnic, Awasari
17th  Aug 2013 Group Discussion Shri. Bongulwar M.N. Associate Prof.
Government College of Engg & Research, Awasari
12th  Oct 2013 BE Project Mathematical Modeling Shri. Sunil Dhore Head of Computer Dept.
AIT, Dighi
7th  -8th   March 2014 Mobile Application Development using Android Shri. Sumit Joshi CEO, TechStar IT Solutions, Pune 75
14th  August 2014 Fingerprint Liveners Analysis Dr. S.B. Nikam Head of IT Dept. Govt. Polytechnic, Awasari 120
21st  August 2014 Free and Open source Software Shri. Abhijit A.M. Asst. Professor,
College of Engineering, Pune
15th  September 2014 Fuzzy Logic Shri. Patki A. B. Professor Emeritus 
College of Engineering, Pune
15th to 17th September 2014 Forensics and Cyber Applications Shri. C. D. Kulkarni Retired from Central Govt. 75
13th -14th March 2015 Hadoop Programming Shri. Manik Henre Ph.D. Scholar, S. P. Pune University 75
5th September 2015 SCALA Programming Smt. Jyoti More Consultant Specialist, HSBC, Pune 120
12th-13th September 2015 Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Shri. Rizwan Shaikh Information Security and Cyber Crime Consultant 100
20/02/16  Oracle ERP Mr S. K. Sarode Project Manager, Cognizant 80
17/3/16  Gearing up for IT Industry Career Mr. Kaustubh Bhadbhadee Persistent System Ltd. 75
19/3/16  What are employers looking for? Mr. Vedprakash Dubey  Director of Engg, Pune 150
19/3/16  Importance of Final Year Project Mr. Arun Kadekodi  CEO, Soft Corner, Pune


19/01/2017 Expert Session on Machine Learning Dr. Parag Kulkarni Founder, Chif Scientist and CEO of the EKLaT Research  iknowlation Research Labs Pvt Ltd 100
22/02/2017 Experprt Session on Ethical Hacking Nikhil Shingade Developer at Prestine Infosolutions 100
24/03/2017 Expert Session on OpenGL Programming Prof. Rajendra Pawar Asst. Professor, MIT COE, Kothrud 80
31/08/2017 Agile Project Management Mr. Christopher Malekar Global IT Application Leader, Honeywell, Banglore 120
04/09/2017 Higher Studies in Foreign Universities Ms. Gauri Bosake M.S., San Jose State Universitym San Jose, California 120
29/09/2017 Python - The Laguage of Future Mr. Rupersh Verma Trainer, Monkfox, Bangalore 120