Student's Organization

“COMPSAComputer Student Association” is established in year 2011 by Computer Engineering department under the guidance of then head of the department Dr. Smt. M. S. Joshi.

To prepare students to face new challenges in I.T. sector.

To provide opportunities to students to expand their horizon and achieve their goals.

COMPSA Faculty Coordinator: 

  • Shri. Pereira D. J.  (2011-2012)
  • Smt. Deshmukh P. R. (2012- till date)

Events Organized by COMPSA

  • Felicitation of academic toppers.
  • Social service activities by visiting orphanage, schools of disabled students.
  • Celebration of Teacher’s Day
  • Technical workshop –
    • “Mobile Application Development using Android” conducted by Shri. Sumit Joshi, CEO, TechStar IT Solutions, Pune
    • Expert session on Mathematical Modeling conducted by Shri. Sunil Dhore, Head of Computer Engg Dept, AIT, Dighi.
    • “FPL-2 Workshop” conducted by Shri. D. J. Pereira, Head of Computer Engg Dept, GCOEAR, Awasari.
    • Expert session on “Mobile Computing” conducted by Shri. Prakash Kadam, Software Developer, CISCO System, Pune
    • Expert session on “Basics of Java and Python” conducted by Shri. Premkumar Jain
    • Three days workshop on “Big Data Analytics and Hadoop” conducted by Shri. Manik Hendre, PhD Scholar, Pune University.