Applied Science
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  • Laboratories:

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  • Equipment:

Department has two laboratories equipped with all basic experimental set ups as per Savitribai Phule Pune University curriculum requirements.

  • Physics Laboratory:

Engineering Physics laboratory is as per the specifications of AICTE with a facility of dark room to perform experiments related to optics. It consists of He-Ne laser setup, ultrasonic interferometer  set up , Michelson’s interferometer set up, cathode ray oscilloscopes, spectrometers, optical benches,  traveling microscopes, digital and analog polarimeter, polarizer and analyzer sets, Hall effect set up , sound absorption coefficient measurement set up,  solar cell and photo cell characteristic measurement set up along with other required instruments.

  • Chemistry Laboratory :

Engineering Chemistry laboratory is as per the specifications of AICTE along with a chemical storage section. It consists of equipment’s like, digital furnace, digital hot air oven, digital mechanical stirrer, digital magnetic stirrer with speed controller, digital conductivity meter, digital spectrophotometer along with analog instruments like P.H. Meter, conductivity meter, cyclic volumetric apparatus ,Distillation unit, heating units etc,.

  • Other Activities:
    Department is associated following activities.
    1. Monitoring academic activities related to first year students.
    2. Monitoring the physical education scheme for first year students.
    3. Looking after health check up of all newly admitted students.
    4. Looking after activities of the students selected for TATA Samarth Scholarship.
    5. To deal with the task related to admissions, examinations and other assignments.